Agile Product Development – my Experience

Dear Agilities,

I am Rajavel, working in one of the R&D product companies in India. In this blog I share my experiences on applying agile practices for product development (APD) in my career and also explore couple of topics on agile practices such as Incremental Vs Iterative, Business Model Canvas to Product Canvas, Agile myths…

I had heard of Agile practices, but I never had a chance to apply and never applied in my career. I was introduced to agile practices for product development by Tathagat Varma (TV), Founder at Thought Leadership. Then I started applying agile practices for product development with my beginner level knowledge. After applying, I see BIG positive differences in the results. While I do products, I set my mind that “Product is a collection of smaller and smaller products”. With this mindset I primarily focused on accomplishing smaller and smaller pieces and how to integrate them. And, with agile practices I could deliver products ahead of time with clarity and quality in work.

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Product Canvas: The Product Canvas displays the important information for creating a new product. Product canvas model is designed for Scrum, Lean-Startup, and Kanban. It is a replacement for product backlog. The basic elements of product canvas are,

  • The Product Name – Name of the Product
  • Vision Statement – Your Goal
  • Target Group – Customers as Personas with their needs
  • Big Picture – Features and User Experience
  • Product Details – The Work to be done to reach goal

Let us create a simple Product Canvas for “Mobile Health App” product. Mobile Health App is meant for patients to keep their medical records in digital form and access them anywhere. Let us do now,

  •  The Product Name
    • mWell
  • Vision Statement
    • Create User friendly Mobile Health App
  • Target Group
    • One who takes care of family health records
    • And use Smartphone
    • Write a set of primary persona
  • Big Picture
    • Identify most valuable Features
    • Create User Friendly features
    • Choose platform ios, Android
    • Securely interact records with server
    • Create sample case
    • Assess User Experience
  • Product Details
    • Find out which similar app users use
    • Identify like and dislike and Identify their need
    • Create low fidelity paper mock-up
    • Test and Evaluate them

Let us create a Product Canvas for “Mobile Health App” product in detail…

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